Friday, November 23, 2007

Book Recommendation

So I have never recommended a book on here before, but I guess there is always room for additions to the general theme of the blog. Not necessarily sure if it matters to anyone else, however, I have a new time consumer that is oddly enough a self-help.

Yeah I know I am normally pretty arrogant and cocky, but this is something I went to the bookstore for of my own accord....


This is basically an overall compilation of works and studies on different ways to improve you relationship in any stage. I normally hate opinions in my business, but this time everything seems to be fairly sound.

The anger issues I have and what sparks it was a addressed accurately and helpfully. Same with communications. Pick and relationship topic and this book will address it in a non-acussitory and with hands-on application with a good time line to see results. The best overall part would have to be that the book is not designed as a cover-to-cover are instructed to hop around as needed for the part that you need at the moment.

Give it a try if you would like to "improve" your relationship in anyway whether problems or now...definite recommendation!

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