Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here is the second draft of a poem I am going to call reputations...if
you can think of another name please feel free to volunteer a new

I am also unsure if I have finished this one or not...if something
does not sound right or you have a suggestion to alter and improve it
feel free to let me know :) THANKS!


i wake to a white cleanliness on the world.
fresh appearances cloth the reality beneath,
what appears changed is nothing but a blanket.
turning inward there is a revelation of self.
a powdery snow of inner changes on outer realities.
bleaching of emotions...
a purifying of one's thoughts...
the child of our yester-years let out to play.

like snow, the visible melts.
people gradually forget the changes, but purposely erase the thoughts.
light dusting and visible altering transparent,
impressions stay intact to untrained eyes.
however, just because melted away it doesn't mean gone.
just as snow turns to water,
That water drains into our physical consciousness,
our being and virtuous ego.

ignorant minds see outward what was there,
they do not know the changes and differences.
minds and actions altered,
manipulated into improvements.
the landscape and facets of your being made new.
outsiders stay in their warm environments away from the cold,
not wanting the climate change,
they watch from windows of judgment.

once molded and crafted, permanently changing.
no way to alter the true mind and deeds.
what good to let changes snow on your personality?
what worth to make clean our mental world?
despite those uncaring,
against uninformed opinions...
we each seasonally clean our make-up and character.
we attempt to form and shape a new REPUTATION

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


love is the heart's treachery.
the secretly wanted deceiver
the Judas that we all run to.
despite that view, it us still earnestly craved.
each beat of the heart,
each pulse, one step closer...
one bit of life more fulfilled.
each of us wanting what knowingly hurts
the temptation too great
longing too strong to deny.
each time we submit is for the best,
hoping against hope that no pain this time.
beaten down time and again it goes on.
the strongest muscle in our bodies,
yet the weakest when pain rears its head.
not calloused and cold to protect itself.
the shadow of deceit
the veil that trust covers the heart with
emotions making think no pain to come,
reality proves the traitor will show.
trying each time to love unparalleled,
but knocked down off its feet repeatedly.
betrayed for caring and letting walls down,
for wanting to trust,
and deceiving the heart's guard.
treacherous for being a traitor,
hurt for not hurting,
lied to for not lying,
bruised for not trampling on.
one day that unearned trust rewarded
in time the treachery non-existent.
100 times wronged for 1 time not.
for not callousing over to not be wronged
no ransom from the mind
it knows the pain comes,
yet requires nothing of the heart
emotions win on their own.
no sacrifices required by mind from heart.
both teaming up against the deceiver
one leans on the other for support.
mind hoping against hope,
heart wanting against reason...
each remembers yet deliberately forgets.
there was never 30 pieces of silver,
there was never a lie before
what each thinks back on, just a story
no treachery existed...
just love unabounded and true...
and the heart opens to it.