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HP iPaq H6315 Review

Ok y'all here it is......

Basic Specs:
Talk time: 5 or so hours per charge.
Standby: Deceptive, even with the screen backlight turned way down it consumes quick. I am getting an amazingly fast charge when placed in cradle for even a few minutes, so with constant use over last 24 hours I still have not dropped below 58%.
WIFI: Unreal! However just in the first 24 hours of use I have experienced problems. Whether or not it is cause of GPRS i'm not sure however it will occasionally drop connection. And at only 11mBps it can lag even with 100% and my Comcast connection. Overall...I get a hard on when I am using WIFI in a handheld so lag or no I will continue using it with amazement.
Bluetooth: Major redeeming factor! This BT can do everything. Plus I can FORCE a connection with another device in case I wanna bluejack (and who doesn't).
Windows HP PPC: I admit it is a VAST improvement over prior models. However, I would still prefer to have Linux or UIQ 2.0 on the handset. Windows still experiences typical Windows problems. I have forced rebooted 3 times since unpackaged.
Programs: Here is the last downside to the device. I DL-ed 48 programs before unpackaging unit so that I was prepared to my dismay 3 were successful. Either there would be small glitches in the software or it just needed different (older) OS. New programs are all over and constantly coming out so I can wait for an update.

Overall: Final preference...because of a few sweet features I still rate this device 8.5 out of 10. It is loaded with software so all the tech saavy needs are met. However there are still a few more glitches that MicroSUCK will need to work out. WIFI and BT save this phone from getting a 6 out of 10.



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