Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life's Tough

Most everyone seems to complain about life every minute of every day sometimes. Life can be going perfect and yet there is still a way for people to find a way to bring themselves down. I am tired of making myself feel negative and seeing others do the same.

What would happen if tomorrow everyone woke, got out of bed, took a long shower and got ready and hit the door with the mindset today will be absolutely perfect? I don't mean for a few people to have the mindset that things will be good, I am implying that every person you know just decide that this one day would go exactly right. I know I am grasping at straws even contemplating it, but what a thought. Everyone was nice to everyone else and tried not to step on toes. Hold a door open, buy someone a soda...or put the $1.25 in the vending machine and just leave it til someone else came up.

Life is extremely tough, however, lots of little pleasures get over looked that could end up being the difference between just another day, and that one day that stands out for the next month.

Why not give it a shot? We always have the next day to be negative again :) However, one little thing here could have the chain effect of Karma you needed just to make it through to the next day with a smile.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

My shoes don't fit

Do you ever have those days and moments when nothing fits right? Everything just seems off, and despite all you try and endure the whole gets deeper and not shallower?

No person is ever able to really go through life and fully understand another no matter how close and how similar each person's life experiences are, nor how different they may be. Two people alike in almost every noticeable way may have the exact same outcomes in life, and yet still you will see differences in reactions and feelings and emotions in each. It is always nice to tell someone if you only could walk in my shoes. Be there for just one day and see what it feels like to be me. It is a great phrase to sometimes just shut someone up, but better yet to shut someone out. People are made to naturally care for others and be concerned with what is going on in someone dear to them's life. Yet, there are always limitations.

When of the strongest emotions as person will ever experience is love. Be it something not so meaningful...a career, car, or pet. Then again, there is also the exact opposite experience. The one that is completely undescribable...the Oxford dictionary attempted to define it as:
"Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection."
So bland and blah and for lack of a better word to describe an emotion, and 'emotionless' description. Why did I bring this up? Because you may have the person the knows you so well, loves you so much and still, they may not fully know how you feel or react or are handling one of life's challenges.

The strangest things can have some of the biggest effects on us. Loss of a job, isolation from loved ones, or unspeakable worse. However, when first thoughts jump into your head, I am asking you to dismiss those thoughts because that is not what I mean just yet. I am only using an example to get across my point. People can love us completely and when it comes to a certain circumstance not know us at all no matter how insignificant that experience may or may not be. People are created as emotional creatures that can gain attachments and empathetic feelings to each other in the blink of an eye that we sometimes can not explain. This allows us, though not knowing the feeling of walking in someone else's shows to have our hearts go out to them when we have never been down a road near as similar.

Just because we may not feel right or another person may not feel right doesn't change some of those basic few facts. We need to each learn how to better not ourselves or other people because of this, but to better our relationship with them. Everyone cares about someone and is cared for. What if you don't know their true emotions or they have shut you out from a part of them? They isn't going to change how you feel or what you feel for that person, in fact you may feel stronger in that conviction. If it is something that is effecting that person so strongly wouldn't it be better to try harder to understand them? Communicate openly no matter about what or whom. What if you are just lonely and depressed? Reach out...if the person you are reaching to isn't there for you find and alternative route. Someone that may not have had any experience like yours may be just that one person that loves you enough that they will be just what you need in a situation that no other person would be able to console you in.

So, our shoes may not necessarily fit us. They surely will not fit any other person. However, whatever 'size' our life may be right now, we aren't alone in our experiences. We need that human emotion and connection to truly be just that, human. We should always be willing to let those that love us know as much as we are able to share with them. Not so much how much we can describe it, but how much we can handle sharing. Don't hold back, because what if that person that you need is the person that has the right things needed for your shoes and life to fit better.

-----Sorry first thing I have written in a little while and it poured out randomly on it's own. I tried to keep it as organized as possible. If something didn't make sense let me know and I'll correct it.