Monday, December 03, 2007

sleeping angel

Laying there pretending to sleep
I sneak a glance as she softly breaths...
An angel sent to bless my soul
despite the reproach I have come to know.

Careful not to wake
the creature breathing gentle next to me...
I lean over to those lips,
And steal just a single kiss.

Lips soft and unaware
Of the sensation they pass unto me.
I may not sleep anymore
for fear of waking and this dream disappear.

But just as I feel the warmth
Of her skin brushing gently against mine...
My eyes flutter once...
Twice.....and sleep steals my angel.

Words Unsaid but Felt

the tragedy is of words unspoken
dreams not embraced
hopes not met
the simples acts of communicating
it would have saved such heartache, dissatisfaction

why not tell the thoughts created?
fleeting and returning inconsistently streaming together
the man is always known to act
the woman to feel...
would it have been so hard to try it?
missing her now for not acting.....

if only to have acted in words
to have guided the flow to something verbal
anger, hurt, fear, and uncertainty
these thoughts tidal wave out

simply wrong
why not express the known and inevitable
messed up, incorrect and not retractable
the stream of wrong thoughts would dry up,
if only to have said those words, "i'm sorry"