Thursday, February 15, 2007


So who was it that said experience is the best teacher? I don't personally know, but I do think that man should be shot. Not to sound bitter but why is it that being hurt, or heartbroken, or thrilled have to be the best teacher?

Do we really need to experience things on our own and see the troubles in life to realize what the right or wrong answer to something truly is?

I am taking this moment to thank my parents, first, and anyone else who has given me instructions or incite in life. I am the first to admit I am 100% stubborn and probably don't even listen half the time. However, I want them all to know that their words are as sweet as honey and have not gone unheard. To listen and to hear I feel are 2 different things.

Everyone can listen....all it truly requires is for us to stare at the person with a blank look and give an occasional uh-huh. Just kidding, but when we are the person giving the advice it sometimes feels that way. I do feel that listening doesn't always mean applying or acting on those instructions. The main reason that anyone ever tells us these important things anyway is merely to help us. What is important is for us to hear it...

Here is where I feel that experience, although we can learn from our past, can take a backseat. When we truly listen to those who love and care about us we aren't just sitting there nodding...we are hearing and taking to heart what is said to us. What good would it be for people to share their knowledge if it was to just fall on deaf ears? Not only be it would and insult to the person sharing the knowledge with us, but it would also be foolish on our part to sacrifice words of wisdom for experience every time.

Now I'm not saying that we never need to experience life, however, there are sometimes when we don't need to go through the pain of experience when another alternative is offered. How many times can you count when you know that you shouldn't do something and did it anyway just to experience it knowing it was going to have bad consequences?

So enough negative, and back to my point. Thank you to everyone that has given me advice in life to try and save me the troubles of learning on my own. Just remember even though you probably thought I was only listening I did hear what you said and I appreciate it.

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Just thought I would share a painting in this blog from one of my favorite artists, Thomas Kinkade.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Just posted up a new song for everyone since I haven't put a new one on in awhile.

This is fairly fitting on the lyrics since it describes most of my relationships. It's not 100% accurate but still it is fairly dead on. Listen to it if you haven't....

Omarion, Ice Box.

Finally updated

I finally sat down and updated the Electronic's section of my blog with a review of the Motorola Q and the new EV-DO Rev A PCMCIA aircard model number AC595. Be sure to check it out.



The feeling of alarm or the plural.

With everything that has occurred in my life I CONSTANTLY have dread. Never can I figure out which answer is the correct one and how to stick with it. Throughout growing up and experiencing life we all make choices and decisions that affect not only ourselves but all others. I choose one thing to make myself feel happy and then I hurt a dozen others. I choose something they want and I bring myself down into depression.

Is there anything in life that you can choose that makes 100% of everyone happy? I know the right answer, but what if you can never live up to your decision? The problem isn't so much the choosing correctly as it is the letting everyone down if you even falter in your steps not to mention just messing up a little.

I have told many people many promises and unfortunately I have let almost all of them down. There is a time in everyone's life when they need to come to grips with what they have done and make amends with the people they have wronged. The next important step will be to actually LEARN how to change AND THEN CHANGE.

Now there is no way that any of us can undo what we have done in the past but we can all learn how to not repeat ourselves. If there is something that we can do that is right, and we know it why not act on that for once? Whether or not people in my past believe me when I promise them that things will be different I thought I would just let them know anyway that I will be working on it as much as possible in the future.

I know what is right and wrong, now I just need to make sure that I do what I promise and follow through. Like anything in life we all need to make sure we think before we act. Of all people this is most applicable to me. I am making it my main goal to make the right decisions and not hurt those important to me anymore.